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Australia - Climate Change by Sahar Mansouri PhD Climatology

Australia, Australia always reminds me the series Skippy the bush kangaroo.

I remember when I was 10 I was enthusiasm to get back home to watch the series every evening. This had a great impact on me at that time I attracted to the Australia’s nature and its animals, I have always wanted to be a vet since I was sixteen. The people around me know how I still care about animals. I always was eager to help animals specially kangaroos. But whereas I didn’t have courage in pressurized and emotional situation I decided this career isn’t right fit for me.

Then I chose to study the nature and the environment with zeal. I chose to study physical geography and now I am PhD holder majoring in climate change.

My heart was broken after hearing about the wildfires in Australia. It was just a while ago that a friend of mine went to Australia for holidays. He sent me these pictures and I replied “Hugging a koala is my biggest childhood dream”. It was my future plan to visit Australia and hug the loveliest creature.

📷 📷

Ahh, It’s a pity climate change occurred! Now I’m far away and on this part of planet all I can do is inform my friends and people around me that this is climate change, please take it serious. We need to think green before It’s too late!

2019 ranks as the second hottest year globally. Since 1851 Australia is suffering bushfire and wildfires has been always a part of Australia’s ecology and environment, but without a doubt human activities had a great impact on worsening it. Like California, Australia is prone to bushfires every year during the dry season. This bushfire was more than 12 times the area that burned in California.

All the factors like higher temperatures, lower humidity, stronger winds are blame but as human population increased, the potential ignition sources have increased rapidly. The population of Australia has five times in the last 100 years ( from 5 million to 25 million), Consequently result in increasing more vehicles, campfires, consuming fossil fuels used as source of energy for heating. These can all expected to increase with population.

Today by seeing this photo I felt ache in my heart not because I can’t fulfil my dream but for a billion dead animals burned, for the loss of lovely kangaroos and koalas and to people who lost their homes.


I am sorrowful that Australia still burning, I hope one day we all could take a tiny step to save our planet as it’s our real home!

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