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The Holy Land Tour


Day 1 : Cairo

Day 2 : Cairo City Tour, Overnight Sleeper Train

Day 3 : Aswan

Day 4 : Aswan, Felucca Cruise

Day 5 : Felucca cruise on the Nile

Day 6 : Felucca cruise on the Nile, Edfu, Komombo, Luxor

Day 7 : Luxor, Overnight Sleeper Train

Day 8 : Cairo City Tour

Day 9 : Cairo to Dahab via Sudr & Sharm El Sheikh Road

Day 10 : Dahab

Day 11 : Dahab, Aqaba, Wadi Rum

Day 12 : Wadi Rum, Petra

Day 13 : Petra

Day 14 : Petra, Shobak Castle, Dead Sea , Amman

Day 15 : Amman

I am hoping to add on Israel at the end of the tour and do four days to see Jerusalem.

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