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We are a new UK political party. What are we doing here? We are avid travellers and through travelling have realised how much more our country should be doing for all of us at home.

We offer an alternative to a long standing two party system, and hope you can drop by our official website to come and have a look. 

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What we are about

All of the UK public sector is broken. The NHS, schooling, future for our children, cost of living, housing crisis, rental pressures, low job satisfaction, crime, public transport. There is not a single area within which things cannot be improved. There is not a single area where things are even adequate. In a country as developed as ours, we deserve the best infrastructure to support us through life, to give us the right starting platform, and the right support if ever needed, to lead a dignified and, hopefully, fulfilled life.

Be Involved 

If you're looking to get involved in a new UK political party, there are several opportunities: local and online meetings and events to learn more about the party's goals. You can also offer your time to help with campaigns and outreach efforts. Additionally, we encourage members of the public to consider representing the party by standing for MP and by joining the party's leadership team.


Getting involved in a new political party is a great way to make a difference in your community and help shape the future of our country.

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